Monthly Devotional

Tech Us To Pray

March 2021 He Holds the Whole World In His Hands...remember that song? How do we pray for the whole world? First we can start with our immediate world-our family, and then expand to neighborhood and go from there. It really isn't hard when you think about how we all have the same needs and concerns…
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March 2021 We pray in agreement for your goodness Dear Father to reside in our hearts today and help us to never forget you are with us always and forever. February 2021 Teach us the knowledge of your glory. We want to know you more. Give us understanding of your word and experience your presence…
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Monthly Devotion

March 2021 I've enjoyed watching young people ride the toboggan at the park, build snowmen and sled down the hills. Winter can be fun when you participate in outdoor activities. It takes a lot of energy to build a snowman or ski through the countryside. Coming inside and setting by the fire to warm up…
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