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Sunday Morning Discipleship - 9 AM

Sunday Morning Worship - 10 AM



Located in Zanesville, Indiana, Zanesville Community Church of God (ZCOG) is a small church of believers dedicated to making an impact for Jesus in the community.



Our Mission

We believe that God calls all believers to first of all love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and secondly, to love others as we love ourselves. So, at the Zanesville Community Church of God, you'll find meaningful worship aimed at glorifying God. You'll also find teaching that demonstrates God's love for mankind and helps us discover a proper response to His love. We also demonstrate Christian love for others as we engage our community in meaningful ways. We believe that a relationship with Jesus Christ is about more than salvation and at the Zanesville Community Church of God, you will find a relationship in action.

Latest News

Sermon Theme:

This week we will be looking at the Power in Peter. As the Disciples grieved the loss of Jesus, they were also given the Holy Spirit who gave them the power to do what Jesus wanted them to do. We will look at that Power in Peter this week . . . please join us!

Upcoming Events:

May 2nd - 7:00 PM - Church Council Meeting

May 9th - Community Meal @ 6:00 PM

May 15th - 9:00 - 11:00 AM Hope Closet

The Pastor's Pen - Weekly Thoughts From the Pastor at Zanesville

Who’s Who?

Pastor Stephen Whetstone