Thought of the Week

In The Church, the Christmas Season begins 4 weeks before in what is called Advent and the word Advent actually means arrival or coming. So, for believers, Advent is the season where we look forward to the arrival or coming of Jesus our Messiah. To the Jewish community in the 1st century, they were looking for a warrior king like David, who would drive the Romans from Palestine and restore the Nation to Israel. So, they looked forward to their Messiah with Hope.

But, Jesus brought a different kind of Hope. He brought a Hope that looked past the circumstances of life to the promises of the future. It is a Hope based on evidence found in a personal relationship with Jesus. It's a Hope based on the feelings of forgiveness and restoration that comes when we ask Jesus to be our Savior. It's also a Hope that comes through the guidance and encouragement He gives us as Lord. So, while we often Hope that Jesus will save us from the troubles of life, what we find most often is that, as Lord, He helps us grow through those difficult times. So, celebrate the 1st week of Advent with all the Hope the promise of a Lord and Savior brings!

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