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Teach Us To Pray

June 2021 Our Father in Heaven, Teach us to pray your will in every situation. At times we don't understand the why of things...teach us your heart's desire. Help us to remember to praise you in all things and then pray your word. May 2021 Teach us to pray- 'Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your…
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June 2021 We pray in one accord for our nation. Help us to be the people you want us to be and accomplish the things you have set before us. Help us to stand firm and not doubt your goodness. We thank you now for things not seen and know you will lead us on…
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Monthly Devotion

June 2021 I took break from the heat today and watched a movie. A man was traveling through Texas working his way home after the war. This was around 1870. It wasn't easy traveling in those days. He had a horse and rickety old wagon. He would stop to rest for the night, build a…
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